Services and Fee Schedule


Board and Training $825/mo*
Lessons $50/lesson
Clinics (min. of 6 horses per day) $50/horse
Exclusive Services $250/day plus expenses

*Board and training fees are due in advance.  Vet and farrier fees will be billed directly to the client by vet or farrier.  A late fee of $50.00 is applied to accounts past due after the 10th of the month.

Horse Shows

Local Show $50/day
Class A Show $450
Regional Show $650
Scottsdale, Youth, Canada $2,000
U.S. Nationals $2,000
Transportation $.50/mile ($50 minimum)
Entry Fees, Stall Fees, Bedding Paid in Full by Owner

All show and transportation fees are due in advance of the show.  In addition to the above fees, the cost of any tack, grooming and additional stalls shall be prorated among the horses attending the show.

Other Services

Video Copy $10
Sales Commission 15%

Payment Terms: All balances owed to Doug Stewart are due 15 days from the date of invoice.  Any accounts over 30 days past due will be assessed a finance charge of 1.5% monthly (18% annually) with a minimum of $2.

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